Questions & Answers

Finding a property management company you can trust with your home can be difficult. Providing you with enough information to make an educated decision is important for us, so let us answer some commonly asked questions. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Future Tenant Questions

1Where do you advertise your properties for rent?
The best place to find our current up-to-date availability is on
2How do I schedule a tour?
Through our available properties page, our software allows you to schedule a tour during our hours of operation. Our dedicated team of property experts are standing by. Click here to view available properties
3Do you charge an application fee to potential tenants?
We charge a non-refundable application fee to process the background and financial screening. For more information regarding this fee please contact our office.
4Is the application fee refundable If I am denied a house or apartment?
The application fee covers the various costs associated with screening an applicant. It is not refundable.
5Do your houses or apartments come with appliances?
Each unit offered is different and appliance availability should be verified by the leasing office.
6Do you clean before I move in?
Our apartment homes receive a full turnover between tenants which includes cleaning.
7Do I have to transfer any utilities before move in?
While this is dependent upon each property’s utility set up, generally there are certain utilities such as gas and electricity that must be transferred prior to receiving possession of your apartment home. Our team verifies this information with you and the utility company.

Denied Questions

1Can I apply again?
Any applicant would need to wait 30 days before reapplying.

Current Tenant Questions

1How do I pay my rent? What forms of payment do you accept?
Rent is paid using our online tenant portal. All applicants receive an invitation to create their own account upon their rental application being approved. Tenants can pay rent using their bank account via ACH payments, debit cards, and credit cards. For any card payments, fees may apply.
2Do you have a grace period for late rent?
Currently, all tenant rent is due on the 1st of each month. There is a grace period though the 5th of each month where there is no late fee attached to the account. As of the 6th of each month, all unpaid balances are assessed a late fee.
3What do I do if I don’t have enough money for rent this month?
We always encourage communication amongst the management team and our tenants. If rent is not able to be paid timely, we urge tenants to reach out to us as soon as possible to try and make payment arrangements.
4How do I make a complaint about my house or apartment?
All tenants are encouraged to reach out to our team via our messaging application synced with our management software. This ensures that your potential issue is seen by more than just one member of our team.
5Am I in charge of mowing and snow removal?
In single-family rentals (SFR’s) and most 2-4 multi-family properties, snow removal is the tenant's responsibility. Lawncare in SFR’s is the responsibility of the tenant. For any multi-family property of 2 or more units, lawncare is the responsibility of the owner/landlord.

Moving Out Questions

1Do I get my security deposit back?
A final account statement is issued within 30 days of the move out that will give an itemized bill.
2Will I get my deposit back if there is property damage?
After you move out, we will document the conditions your unit was left in. Within 30 days of move out we will issue an itemized list of any deductions to your deposit.

Investor Questions

1How do you screen tenants?
All tenants come into our management system first as applicants. All applicants are screened against our qualification criteria taking into account such factors as rent-to-income ratio, credit history, rental history, as well as performing a background check.
2How long does it take to fill a vacancy?
While vacancy is largely dependent upon the condition the apartment is left by the previous tenant, we are confident that we can typically turn, market, and sign a lease on a vacant unit in a 30-day span.
3How do you advertise your properties?
We advertise your property on various websites, social media, and typical ILS.
4How do you make sure a tenant is taking care of my property?
Our management team, along with our in-house construction company, offer an optional preventative maintenance inspection service (charges apply) whereas you are in control of the frequency of visits (quarterly, bi-annual, or annual). This service includes an inspection of the interior and exterior, noting unit cleanliness, number of occupants, pets, etc. Further, we will inspect and change smoke detector batteries and HVAC filters when necessary.
5How often are property visits conducted?
We conduct inspections before and after move-in. We also offer an additional service to conduct a specified number of inspections to make sure everything is functioning properly.
6What services do you provide?
We provide marketing, tenant placement, leasing, maintenance, turnovers, financial reporting, rent collection, and assistance with evictions if needed.
7What types of property do you manage?
Our company manages various styles of residential and multi-family rental property. We typically place tenants for long-term rentals, but also offer mid-term rental options as well.
8How do we decide on rent?
Beyond taking into account pricing of the large concentration of rentals we have in our target markets, we regularly perform market studies looking at factors such as price per square foot, number of bedrooms, baths, etc. Taking all of that data, we list a rental price that places us competitively in the neighborhoods we rent in.
9Who takes care of lawncare and snow removal?
In single-family rentals (SFR’s) and most 2-4 multi-family properties, snow removal is the tenant's responsibility. Lawncare in SFR’s is the responsibility of the tenant. For any multi-family property of 2 or more units, lawncare is the responsibility of the owner/landlord.
10How will I stay informed about what happens to my property?
At the turn of each month, an owners statement is generated and reviewed for accuracy. This will give you a view of the cash flow transactions that occurred throughout the previous month and any bills beyond management fees earned .
11How do you handle maintenance requests?
Maintenance requests are submitted through your tenants online portal and delt with as soon as possible. In the event that the damage is costly, anything over $1,000 needs to be approved by you the owner.
12How am I protected if the tenant damages the property?
All tenants are required to carry renters insurance upon moving in. Upon a lapse in coverage, our management system allows us to enroll tenants into a master policy that covers the landlord’s interest in the case of property damage where a claim is needing to be filed.
13How is rent collection handled?
Our company handles rent collection. Your tenant will submit their payment through our online portal so there is no need to worry about a lost check.
14What type of reports will I receive?
You will receive an owner statement each month which tracks the cash flow of your investment property. You will also receive a copy of any invoice or bill paid by us on your behalf.