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We empower investors to build their real estate portfolio with no prior experience. Leveraging technology to create a seamless transaction that easily transitions to a long term growth plan. Traditional real estate investor services fail to provide a seamless sales experience. We saw this deficiency and worked to create a service that bridges that gap.

Our Companies

Vertically Integrated

Tom's Complete Construction

Tom's Complete Construction is our in-house construction company. TCC manages the property renovations, repairs, and any scheduled maintenance. 

Turn - Key CLE

 Turn - Key CLE is our in-house real estate division. Here we buy and sell investment properties to local and out of state investors. Click here to visit our website. 

Additional services for a more passive investment.

We are here to make investing easy. Taking care of the things your home needs is already hard enough, adding an investment property easily doubles the workload. We strive to help the modern day investor with our modern day solutions.  

Utility Management

For an additional fee, we will handle the processing and set up for all utilities your investment requires each month.

Preventative Maintenance Program

With this program we would discuss how frequently to set up inspections for your investment property. During these inspections we will do things like change the HVAC filter and batteries in the smoke detector. If during our inspection we identify any problems we either give a quote for repairs or issue a violation as needed.

Rent and Maintenance Guarantee

Our Rent and Maintenance Guarantee currently ensures that for the first six months after closing, you won't experience any loss of rent income or unexpected maintenance costs. In the rare event of a vacancy during this period, we commit to compensating you for any lost rental income. During the initial six-month period, we cover all costs associated with routine maintenance and repairs. This six-month guarantee is only for clients who use Fischer Asset Management as their property management company. Terms and conditions apply, see our office for additional details.


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Why Choose

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We have 24/7 maintenance. Our maintenance services include electrical, plumbing, roofing, repairs, unit turnover, and service calls.

No advertising fees. We do not charge a fee for our advertising, since your property is already in our inventory we can start marketing your property as soon as possible.

We are experts in Cleveland. We have seen market highs and market lows, we certainly know what neighborhoods are up and coming, and what to avoid.

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Prompt and open communication. We keep you in the loop for everything. We realize its hard to trust people with your property, so keeping you informed is our number one priority.